Eyelash Plucking


Classic lashing is a technique in which a single extension is applied to one isolated natural lash. Classic lashes are perfect for adding length and some fullness to your natural lash line. Classic lashes will give the appearance of wearing mascara. Classic Lash Extensions are very natural.

Eye Bag Treatment


A lash lift is simply a perm for your lashes that shapes them into the perfect curl. It's often paired with a lash tint to make lashes stand out even more.  Lash lifts are great for those with long but straight lashes but don't want too deal with the upkeep of extensions.


A lash tint will intensify your natural lashes by darkening them and adding definition to the eye. The dye itself is similar to what you use on your hair, except it's specifically developed to be safe around the eye area.  A tint is sometimes all that is needed and can make a world of difference to your appearance

Red Head Model


Applied similar to traditional Mascara, Semi-Permanent Mascara is a revolutionary lash coating specially formulated to last up to 2 weeks .  Semi-Permanent Mascara will leave you with fuller, thicker, darker looking lashes.  This is a great add on to a lash lift

Applying Mascara