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Threading originated in the Middle East and South Asia. The technique involves using a thin piece of cotton thread and swiping it quickly against the skin to remove hair at the root without taking any skin along.

Eyebrow Makeup


Henna brows are a form of eyebrow tinting that is used to stain the skin beneath the brow hairs. The purpose of this is to cast a shadow or create an illusion of depth and fullness in the area, visually filling in any sparseness. 


Eyebrow tinting is the process of applying semi-permanent dye to enhance your brows.  We can colour as light or as dark as you would like to create a natural colour that suits you 

Closed Eye


Brow lamination, also called brow sculpt or brow lift, is essentially a perm for your eyebrows.  Brow lamination was designed to give the illusion of fuller, more defined eyebrows.  Your hairs are coaxed into place to look fluffier and more defined, and have a slicked-up, shiny look.  

Eyebrow Plucking